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After last year’s nonsense and stress, I entered 2021 with a goal of centering pleasure and joy all year, actually for the rest of my life. With that said, museums and artwork bring my soul immense inspiration, motivation and solitude. So in May, I went about planning  a mini vacay to visit Sonya Clark’s exhibit: “Tatter, Bristle, Mend” at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. I needed to find somewhere to stay and a friend told me about an “activist hotel” called the Eaton DC. I was like, “What’s an activist hotel?” Boy, was I in for a real treat. 

The Eaton DC is like no other hotel in the world because it has a purpose bigger than just housing. Its goal, in its own words, is “to disrupt an industry while changing the world for the better through community building, accepting all people while caring for the environment.” 

I was sold. So I made reservations ASAP, packed my bags and made my way to D.C. 


While researching the Eaton DC, I found out that it was founded by Katherine Lo, “the daughter of Lo Ka Shui, a billionaire owner of Great Eagle Holdings, the umbrella company for swish hotel group Langham Hotels,” according to the Independent newspaper.

Lo Ka Shui tasked his daughter with creating a hotel that would disrupt the hotel industry and she went about doing just that. As an environmental activist, with a degree from Yale, Lo created the hotel itself to fund the nonprofit Eaton Workshop, described as a “purpose-driven company at the intersection of culture, media, hospitality, wellness and progressive social change.”

The moment I first walked into this beautiful hotel I was hooked. My eyes were met with a mix of top notch design and comfortability. The lobby hosts an impressive lounge area filled with comfy chairs, sofas and what looked to be a radio station filled with vintage records plus a delicious coffee shop and juice bar AND  a restaurant and bar named American Son. When I walked further back, I found a neat co-working section that guests and the surrounding community are able to utilize during their stay that can easily be rented by the day or month.

My room had a lovely, quaint feel. The large floor to ceiling windows brought in a lot of light and made the room feel a lot bigger. I would describe the room as a midcentury lover’s paradise that included amenities like a record player. I definitely had to turn that on and have my own dance party listening to Betty Wright. I couldn’t help it, I love nostalgia. Oh, and don’t let me forget to tell you about the bathroom because it was super cute – even though it was on the small side. It provided all the much needed amenities from this Grown Alchemist and the water pressure – OMG! I didn’t want to leave. The mosaic tile reminded me of Morocco, and the cherry on top was the purifying Himalayan Sea Salt lamp. All of these factors together made for a goodnight’s sleep!


So I bet you’re wondering to yourself, “that sounds nice and all but what makes this hotel so special and why does it identify itself as an activist hotel?” Well, for starters the dedicated coworking space was created for local activists to gather, strategize and community build. Throughout the hotel, revolutionary imagery can be found hanging on the walls and in the elevators. No f*cks given. Either you’re with the cause to make the world better or you’re not. There’s no in between at the Eaton DC. Plus, they also broadcast a counter culture radio station straight from the hotel lobby.  

To summarize, my stay at the Eaton DC, a hotel with a radio station, movie theater, wellness center, coffee shop and juice bar, restaurant, rooftop bar, speakeasy, plus event space for rotating art exhibits and a co-working club, was impressive and inspiring, to say the least. My favorite film director is Wes Anderson and this hotel made me feel like I stepped onto one of his film sets. The colors, quirkiness and simplistic yet detail oriented vibe made me feel right at home. As a champion of “inclusivity and diversity and women’s rights and the environment,” Lo created a space that is very welcoming. In my opinion, Lo has created a place where magic AND creativity can coexist together. 








Want to learn more about Eaton DC? Feel free to read this article from the Independent and then book your stay by going to the Eaton DC website. This is the perfect place to stay while exploring Washington, D.C. and all that it has to offer. Happy Traveling!


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