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A year and a half ago, my friend Karen and I went to beautiful Morocco with an amazing tour company, Around the World Beauty, run by my friend, Stephanie Flor

Morocco was life changing. 

My goal was to write about it when I first launched The Joy in Beauty but things (the pandemic) happened and shifted everything. Now I’m back to show it some love. My goal is to showcase all the splendor and beauty that this place has to offer. It gave me countless hours of inspiration and I learned so much in those 10 days. 

We went during the month of Ramadan. What an experience.

Morocco – Food 

Our meals in Morocco were pretty traditional. We ate a variety of tagines, couscous and a variety of breads. 

Our tour went during the month of Ramadan, a holy time for Muslims across the world. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunup to sun down. No food or water during these hours. None at all. And yet, they would feed and nourish us throughout our entire trip with no attitude or anything. This changed my life. 

After sunset, they “break-fast.” When breaking fast they would gently leave and eat with their families, friends or strangers. It was a time to share, a time for community. It was precious. On the last night of our trip, we broke fast with our tour guide and her family. I wanted to cry. I was in awe. I finally learned the real definition of community and family. I said it once and I’ll say it again, it literally changed my life. The meal was huge! We couldn’t finish it all but they nibble and eat throughout the entire night until it’s time to fast again the next day. 

There were other notable drinks and dishes to mention as well. First, the “Berber Whiskey” is a hot tea made with mint leaves, a whole lot of sugar and poured in a very distinct way! I loved this tea. It was always brought to us to signal community. Second, I tried a Moroccan Chicken Pastilla. It was delicious. The chicken was wrapped in werqa dough (similar to phyllo dough). It was dusted with sugar and cinnamon and it was delicious! I loved it!! Finally, my other favorite dish was Harira or Moroccan soup. Let me tell you that this soup was insane! You squeezed lemon into the soup and that added such an amazing flavor. I could eat this soup all day and all night!

Morocco – Markets


The Medina in Marrakesh is the largest market in North Africa. It is a place of wonder, excitement and great deals if you haggle correctly. The Medina is not for the faint of heart. It is extremely busy and extremely big. You can easily get lost in there (I’m not kidding either, lol). 

Honestly, I loved the Medina. I was very intimidated by it at first but quickly got swept away in the magic. When you enter the Medina, you are transported to ancient times when haggling was an expected way of purchasing goods. The Medina also reminds you of when craftsmanship was seen as an actual trade. People still take the time to make products. Handmade is the way of life.

I found so many goodies. A lot of my friends told me to take an extra bag but I didn’t listen. I really wish I had listened because I eventually had to purchase one to bring all my goodies home! I bought everything from rugs, clothes to of course beauty products! I got my entire life in the Medina and Morocco.

Morocco – Color Inspo

Boy oh boy! I wasn’t ready for all the vividness. Morocco was filled with color and not just any color, colors that I bet you have never seen before. I think I found my favorite blue in Morocco. The ultramarine blue is indescribable. It’s like the color blue and neon had a baby but in an awe-inspiring way. 

The beauty of Morocco is that a lot of the gems that you find are hidden. You have to be invited into the beauty or you have to go on your own journey to find it. But it’s there. 

A lot of the gems are hidden behind these beautiful doors with amazing colors, patterns, and tiles. It lies in wait and once you happen upon it, it jumps and captures your heart. The colors will always leave an indelible mark on my soul and in my mind.

I’m here to say go ahead and book that trip! You will not regret it!!! Don’t forget to send me pictures too or tag me in a photo! I want to see it all. 🙂

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