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Okay, so I know you all don’t know me yet and we are working on establishing our friendship, but here’s a quick peek into who I am: I am obsessed with products, packaging and design. I’ve loved it since I was young, but couldn’t always quite articulate why I loved a product. I just did. I think it has something to do with the many years of experience I have working in the fashion and beauty world. Those years of being around top quality products (even though I couldn’t afford it, lol!) helped shape my eye (and love) for high-level fashion, editorial and design and how fragrance is an often overlooked but much needed accessory item.


Enter Floral Street, a perfume company I’ve fallen head over heels in love with. 


Why have you fallen in love with it, Joy? I’m glad you asked. It is a “sustainable, British brand, powered by flowers that has modernized traditional floral perfumes.” It is “inspired by vibrant British culture. Floral Street is about breaking with tradition. It’s about bunches, not bouquets; ingredients, not notes. It’s about ease, modernity and joy and beauty that doesn’t cost the Earth.” I mean, damn! The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, and you already know how I feel about “joy and beauty!” (Wink, wink!) 


Floral Street was founded by Michelle Feeney, and she has definitely hit her mark with this line. Let me tell you, I am hooked. Here are a few reasons why:


First off, Floral Street smells divine. Neon Rose Eau de Parfum was my first foray into their product line. When choosing my fragrance, I was asked to pick out words that best described who I am. I went with energetic, striking, fiery and quirky. When I got my first nose-fill of its aromas, the scent was so me. Bold and subtle. Colorful and playful. I don’t know how they did it, but they nailed me. Did I mention I’m hooked?

Floral Street, they got me. So I went searching for more items to try. And then I found out they made candles, too! Say what???? When I say I love candles, that is not an exaggeration. When I light  one, to me it’s a full on experience. My goal is to create a vibe, ambiance – whether that be unwinding and doing some self-care or eating popcorn in bed while watching Netflix with a fine-ass man. But I also love candles for their aesthetic charms: they add color and decor to any room. So when it came to Floral Street’s products, I decided to try both the Spring Bouquet Scented Candle  and the White Rose Scented Candle and I have literally burned these candles every chance I get. Just a word, a little goes a long way. You definitely don’t need to burn your candles for hours to smell them. It only takes a matter of minutes to have your whole entire place enveloped in the most amazing scent! I promise you, these Floral Street candles are the real deal. 

These perfumes and candles are statement pieces. 


Floral Street also offers other items such as diffusers and bath and body products. I’m asking that you run, not walk to Floral Street’s website and “treat yo self!”


Once you get to their site, make sure you try some of their other products that I love! 


  • MINI 8 X 0.05 OZ EAU DE PARFUM – This sample pack is a wonderful option if you want to sniff before you buy a full size fragrance. This also makes a great gift idea. 


  • ARIZONA BLOOM EAU DE PARFUMAnother beautiful bottle from Floral Street. This bottle takes its inspiration from nature and the “flora and fauna of desert landscapes.” The fragrance is a dry floral amber combined with Balinese coconut blends, Madagascan Black Pepper spices and the second skin feeling of Salted Musks. That makes for a perfect blend. 


  • WONDERLAND PEONY EAU DE PARFUMOk, real talk: I haven’t tried this one yet BUT this is next on my list to try because the bottle is so beautiful and feminine – and the scents actually smell delightful  After you smell it, drop me a line and let me know what you think. 

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