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I’m an old soul, a total introvert and a corona-made hermit, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love taking myself on dates. Grabbing a coffee then doing some retail therapy will always be my idea of a perfect afternoon. Plus, throwing on a cute, comfortable outfit and some beautiful summer accessories is the easiest way to look put together stylishly, while doing some shopping in the city. And we here at The Joy in Beauty have made it easy for you to look cute while carrying your shopping items! 

Check out our three favorite must-have fashion accessories for a fabulous summer shopping afternoon:



PHOTO CREDIT: Veronica Ibarra Tote 

A Super Cute Tote

First up, we have the Veronica Ibarra Doll Tote. Unique is an understatement when it comes to her work, so I won’t try to categorize it, but to look at her designs is to feel something. Ibarra endearingly calls her mixed media dolls “the babies” and has an eclectic body of work centered around them. These works are the inspiration for the totes and we are so here for it. 

Ibarra’s bags are distinctive and practical but anything but boring. Her totes along with her body of work, including artwork and sculpture, are sure to inspire, and you can check them all out here.



A Special Piece of Jewelry

I would feel naked without jewelry, and I know I’m not alone. Like the pieces that make me feel special: those exceptional works of art in my collection that always garner a stare. Jewelry designer and artist Taylor Nikole has a line of earrings that fall into that category. Seen on the likes of celebrities like Zendaya, Tabitha Brown, and Tracee Ellis Ross, Nikole’s collection of handmade earrings are literally wearable art. As the designer herself would put it, these earrings are “the embodiment of art and fashion and each piece is one of a kind.” Using materials like polymer clay, pearls and metals they look like colorful sculptures and are by definition unique works of art.

 Her pieces are rare, bold, and confident. The fact they are one of a kind, each and every time, make this brand feel luxurious, and aren’t we all worthy of luxury? I think so, so you can shop all of her beautiful creations here.




Apple Air pods

Wait, what? Apple Air Pods? Yes, Air Pods, and they are just as sexy as the other two I mentioned… but hear me out. They are giving me life right now. Picture it: You’re downtown, holding an overpriced Boba tea (because we love us a good Boba), decked out in your statement earrings, fly tote, and looking delicious. The last thing you need is the cord on your headphones  getting tangled up as you reach for your wallet. Walking around cord-free is liberating. Yes, I said liberating. You aren’t tied to anything, so you are free to roam without fear of having an awkward entangling encounter. But truly, the cherry on top of an afternoon of doing what you want and love (cord-free) is listening to your favorite music or just acting like it, but really you’re listening to the sounds of the city. Humming along (or singing out loud, #yolo) on a breezy Saturday afternoon feels like freedom. I mean with a pair of Air Pods in your ears, it really comes down to the simple things in life.




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