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The first time I met Aliana was at a Maybelline makeup event. She was called in last minute to work and showed up fully prepared with bells on. We talked for a short period of time but it felt like we knew each other for a long time. We just clicked. She was funny, personable and most of all extremely talented. Aliana consistently works with some serious women bosses like Eva Chen from Instagram and Emily Weiss from Glossier. I love it when she sneaks and puts color or glitter on Eva Chen when she’s not looking and she winds up loving it. LOL! That just shows how much people trust her level of talent. Check out her work at


And now introducing Aliana for The Joy In Beauty…..




  1. What does The Joy in Beauty mean to you?

The beautiful thing about beauty is it can be found anywhere; in any situation, in any being, in any action and even just in the air. The Joy in Beauty to me is celebrating those beauty moments, living in them and allowing them in to touch your soul so much that you can feel the beauty.


       2. When did you first discover a love for beauty? How and when did you know it was not just a hobby, but something you wanted to pursue as a career? 

I’ve been surrounded by beauty and makeup my whole life, I just never realized I was actually very passionate about it (nor did I know it was a career choice). It wasn’t until I after I started my career in beauty that I had an epiphany, I was exactly were the universe wanted me to be, and at that moment I looked back at my childhood, and teen years and realized that makeup was ALWAYS around me and I always had to be apart of making someone feel beautiful and special.


       3.  What would you say was the first “big break” in your makeup career? 

I’m not sure I’ve had my big break yet. But then again success looks so different for all. I’ve had a multitude of wonderful opportunities, that have led one into the other, and for me just the accumulation of all those opportunities have all been my “mini big breaks”?… But I will share that my break into the fashion/beauty industry was applying for an internship at a bomb ass artist agency. I got the internship worked my butt off for 8 months then finally got an opportunity to assist a major makeup artist, then months later became her first assistant and had the most amazing, and educational experience I could of ever received.



       4. You work with a lot of celebrities! What, if anything, has surprised you about working with them? 

They’re so nice! I’ve legit never had a bad experience….well maybe once..but it wasn’t cause she wasn’t was a totally artistry flub that I have now hopefully learned from. But for the most part they are very professional, and come on they’re human beings and have feelings and emotions and in that moment I want to do nothing more but make them feel beautiful.


       5. What is your favorite type of shoot to work on (fashion, e-commerce, advertising, etc.) and why?

Anything to do with beauty is my ultimately my favorite, I love to turn any shoot into a beauty shoot! Lol. But honestly the connection I have with career women is the most fulfilling, and I usually work with them in what we call in the industry a “do & go” capacity. I go “do” their makeup for events, quick shoots, appearances.. and then I “go” and have the rest of the day to enjoy. I also truly love a beautiful image…there’s nothing more special then capturing a moment in time, and when you find a photographer and work with a team to create that magic, it’s extremely special and surreal.


       6. Outside of doing makeup, what are your hobbies and what do you do for self-care?

Let’s see…..does trying to get out of the city to relax count as a hobby??…or cuddling my pups??? lol My self care consists of buying Santa Maria Novella, Thai deep tissue massages and eating corndogs from Papaya Dog. I’m just trying to live my best life without stressing myself over petty things that just live in my head, I’ll exercise when I’m up to it but I just don’t want to put unrealistic pressures on myself.


       7. As an artist, how do you balance business and pleasure? 

At the start of my career, I did everything..said yes to every opportunity, took whatever money jobs wanted to pay me.. if anything, assisted on random shows, did favors for friends of a friend. Then there was a turning point where I just started requesting a set rate for my work, and once I did that I found more freedom to work with the clients I wanted to work with and had more control over the types of jobs I did. But without those early on experiences of being a “yes” artist, I don’t think I would of ever figured out my worth. With that said, until you kind find a way to create some sort of financial stability, you’ll struggle to find a balance with pleasure. Now days I plan; I set days/weekend aside that I don’t work, set dinner dates, and my husband and I go away for the summer. And that works for me, and works for my family. And my last tip is that I compartmentalize…I try not to bring my work home, and I try to have a life that doesn’t always revolve around my career.


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