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Stephanie and I go way back. Almost 10 years. We met through our makeup mentor, Crystal Wright. Let me say this, Stephanie Flor is a phenomenal woman. Let me say this louder for the people in the back! She told me about her idea, Around The World Beauty when it was just a thought. Now, it’s a business to reckon with. Through ATWB, individuals go on trips or walking tours that celebrate beauty from other cultures. Just recently I went on a trip with her to beautiful Morocco and it literally changed my life. I’m not exaggerating at all. I came home with a different purpose and objective for my life. Stephanie is one to watch. Trust me. Read her interview but definitely check out Around The World Beauty and plan your next trip or walking tour with her.


And now introducing Stephanie for The Joy in Beauty….




  1. What does The Joy in Beauty mean to you?

For me the joy in beauty is all about creating a space where we can celebrate our unique beings. A place of fufilimment and wholeness to ourselves and our personal routines for both spiritual and outer beauty. A place of discovering the joy and beauty of who you are.


       2. You have a marketing degree from FIT! What made you decide to take a different route than the typical advertising grad? Has your degree helped you at all in terms of building your own brand?

Yes, I have a BA in Marketing and Advertising. I always knew I wanted to be a makeup artist but I was fascinated with how advertising created a sort of illusion around products, and services that could make someone think they needed it in the their life. Understanding the purchase decisions of people has always fascinated me. It has helped me in building my own brand because I do understand the foundation of meeting people needs, and what they crave most as humans. Marketing really is all about creating your ideal customer, and supporting all their needs with your product.  For me any business owner should always be thinking in a marketing strategy when it comes to getting their name and product out there.

       3. How and when did you begin working with celebrity clients? Did you foresee your makeup career heading in this direction when you first started?

When I started in the makeup industry I moved to LA first. While  I was  there as an intern at The Crystal Wright Agency, she gave me my first opportunities to work on celebrity clients. I also would work on any projects posted on production sites looking for MUA. You would be surprised how in LA so many celebrities are doing low-budget projects just to stay relevant. You could be working on a small music video and next thing you know that person was the next big thing. It taught me some valuable lessons that you have to take every job seriously because you never know what it can lead too. I knew I wanted to work with celebrities because I loved the style of makeup I would see in music videos and magazines. I wanted to assist Scott Barnes, Jlo’s Makeup artist, and Kristopher Buckle , Mariah Careys makeup artist because they truly were transforming their clients for music videos and magazine covers and I wanted to be part of that industry.


       4. Did you have doubts or insecurities when you first started your career in makeup? If so, how did you overcome them?

Yes, I had many doubts. Of course, you want to belong, but in fashion, the industry is more closed, and my experience was that you really needed to play the part of be accepted. It came with an expectation of being too cool for school, and I didn’t know if I had what it took to stay in that lane. After working backstage many shows, and editorials I knew that maybe this route wasn’t for me. It seemed a little to serious for my personality and ultimately I just wanted to make people feel beautiful. I decided I wanted to work with real women, and women who were making a difference. It could be in music, TV, or private clients but I wanted to be part of a core team, and also be challenged. I never doubted If I could make it, because there really was no choice for me. I wanted to be a makeup artist with everything I had but I did want to build a name for myself and im still on that journey. One of the keys I tell every young artist is think off your dream story to tell, and then align yourself with bringing it to life. Money always comes, but see yourself as a whole brand because it truly is all about the full experience beyond the makeup.


       5. What type of makeup look is your “signature?” Do you prefer to stick with that signature look, or do you enjoy experimenting with new styles? 

I love experimenting but lately I have been all about transparent skin. Allowing the freshness of the face to peak through the foundation, and really focus on skincare rather than hiding the natural beauty. I tend to balance both natural, with glam and always love a good lash. I appreciate the Womens features and always want to highlight her best face forward. One of my favorite parts of makeup is that you can be inspired everyday from the real world around you. Makeup is an expression and if seen in that way can lead to a creation of a character that used makeup to bring to power her inner sexy, or inner diva. The power of a lipstick , and eyeliner can change an attitude and how someone sees you or how you even see yourself.


       6. What is your opinion on diversity in the beauty world? How do you think you, as a makeup artist, are working to help diversify the industry? Please tell us more about Around The World Beauty.

Representation is important and necessary in the beauty world. When it comes to diversity more than ever we are all exposed to worlds online, where we can connect and bridge cultures to understand and learn from one another. Voices are being recognized and were aware that our beauty is more than skin deep. As a makeup artist, Im constantly challenging myself to question how I define beauty. After having a 12 year working career I was searching for something more when I started Around the world beauty. Here I was working with some of the worlds most beautiful women but unsatisfied with the conversation being told.  I decided to start traveling to feel that void, and really connect with people with honest conversations, and breaking ideas of what I thought beauty was to me. The world really took me in and showed me all the color that there was to discover, and a playfulness with a sense of adventure that allowed me to make my own definition of beauty and that included everyone, every culture, and religion.  I think like many of us were asking more than ever what we stand for, and how we can be better but those answers start at the core an the industry is in need of a reset on what exactly were selling and for what. I don’t know if we can change the world, but we can at least aim to be a special part of it. Around The World Beauty is my attempt to try.


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