Hi, I’m Joy Fennell and I’ve been in the beauty industry as a makeup artist for over 20 years. During my career, I’ve worked with models, art directors, producers, celebrities and countless other clients.

My industry experience helps me put my clients at ease so that they’re more confident and ready to perform their job. My strength is making people look and feel their best, naturally. My goal is simply to enhance the beauty that is already present; To amplify what is already there.

I Am Not Perfect;
I Am a Beautiful Work
in Progress.

About ME

Because I grew up with people constantly questioning whether or not I had the right to have a voice.

Whether or not my “beauty” was “beauty” at all. I grew up with people thinking that I should play the sidelines. That my voice wasn’t a voice that needed to be heard.

I grew up thinking that dimming my light was the best way to exist and not ruffle feathers. 

Not anymore.

I love color and finding beauty in all things. I love art, fashion, design and learning about new cultures and new beauty trends. I also love hyping people up and helping them push past their personal barriers. Letting them know that they are capable of all things.

Telling the truth and being open to the truth are both qualities that I pride myself in.

Knowing that you can choose to have a different/better experience every day you wake up. That you literally have the ability to change your situation if you choose to.

I hope that my voice and experiences in life can be used to help others, including you.

The Joy In Beauty is my stepping out party AND GUESS WHAT!


The beauty industry can cause detrimental effects or it can be a catalyst to loving yourself fully.

I want to show you the latter.

I would like more people to take the time out to actually understand each other’s point of view through open, honest and RESPECTFUL communication through the use of beauty, color, fashion, inspiration and laughter/wit.

I want to show you how to heal your past hurt and move forward without further damaging yourself or anyone else through hurtful or harmful lifestyles.

I dislike this atmosphere going on now where if you don't wholeheartedly agree with someone then you are rejected. I don't want to and I won't join in on the bully pulpit. I want everyone to feel like their voices can be heard and appreciated.

That they can ask a question through a need to understand and be met with an answer because someone truly wants you to understand them even if you don't agree with them.

I want you to get the message and pass the message on -- it’s cool to be you. That being you and being happy (a real level of happiness) comes to the forefront and that creates synergy in this world and gets other people on board to understand and respect each other.

This message goes out to all women, especially Black women because we are beautiful no matter what the world says. We are not the most undesired women on this earth. Our beauty exists daily and we don't have to strive to have every hair in place, every outfit perfectly planned, every eyebrow hair perfect in order to be loved and appreciated.

We can just be. We are worthy becasue we exist.