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Today, Joy is pushing boundaries in AI, AR, and 3D design, creating immersive experiences through her creative and design studio, The Future in Black™ (relaunching in May), that will help to redefine the fashion, beauty and art landscape. She is a passionate advocate for the Black creative community. In 2020, she founded the All Black Everything Summit and is repositioning it to working tirelessly to ensure that emerging tech fields offer equal opportunities for Black creatives.

Joy Fennell's work stands as a testament to her dedication to innovation, creativity, and community at the intersection of fashion, beauty, art and technology.

Who Is

Meet Joy Fennell, a dynamic creative force with a passion for fashion and a talent for embracing cutting-edge technology. For over twenty years, Joy has made her mark as a makeup artist and creative director, and she is now fusing fashion, beauty, and technology in the realms of AI, AR, and 3D design—all while championing the Black creative community.

From her beginnings in fashion editorial makeup, Joy's bold imagination caught the attention of industry leaders, leading to an impressive portfolio of high-profile collaborations. In her role as creative director since 2020, Joy has guided brands with her trendsetting vision and warm personality, making her a beloved figure in the industry.

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